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How Non-profits and Government Organizations of All Sizes Can Successfully Use WordPress

While we’re busy in the background maintaining both this NASA WordPress theme and the dozens of sites using it, we discovered this video of Sean Herron presenting to WordCamp Phoenix 2012, “How non-profits and government organizations of all sizes can use WordPress to successfully create and operate a website.”

Notable, among other things, is his addressing of issues concerning security and licensing. At 25 minutes, he goes into more detail about opensource and WordPress, extolling benefits. We’ll be talking to him about integrating their WordPress sites with Active Directory, and his anecdotes of how finding pre-existing plug-ins on the WordPress repository “saved a ton of money” are familiar! We’re taking notes on his technical aspects of reducing the server imprint, while working on a mobile responsive and HTML5 theme is on our “To Do” list.

About the speaker: ”Sean Herron is a designer, developer, and policy analyst who embraces the use of technology to create and enable collaborative projects. As a Technology Strategist on NASA’s Open Government team, Sean works to facilitate open source and open data projects throughout the agency and promotes the use of open solutions to common problems. He is responsible for a number of high-level WordPress sites within NASA, including, and Prior to his current position, Sean worked on public outreach for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs and consulted for a number of non-profit organizations.”



  1. WordPress has made a revolution in how the internet functions, its no-need-to-know-coding and easy site building tools, opened the door for many who could not dare to venture and build a website. As for non-profits organization, they don’t have to spend a fortune to build and maintain a website, any employee within the organization can simply learn how to use wordpress tools to keep updating the organization website. Also, wordpress proved to be the safest CMS (content management system) out there. It is will known to webdevelopers these days as the “king of all CMS”. As to the resposive web design, i hope this website adapt its layout soon to fit on mobile devices as Sean Herron suggested, the number of people browsing the internet through devices such as mobile phones and tablets these days is not to be ignored. However, there is many plugins available for free when using wordpress for changing a theme to become responsive with just simply a click of a button.

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