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What is the NASA GRC WordPress site and theme?

The NASA GRC WordPress site provides an overview and rationale to using the WordPress open-source content management system.

A WordPress theme is a collection of files a collection of files that determine the site’s basic functionality and graphical layout style. A theme modifies the way a WordPress website is displayed, without modifying the underlying core WordPress software.

The first NASA Glenn WordPress theme was originally developed in 2007 at Glenn Research Center to accommodate the NASA look and feel as developed in the 2005 NASA Web Standards design. The theme’s use and support continued under support of the former Research & Technology Directorate, and in 2012, the Glenn Office of the Chief Information Officer began supporting the use of WordPress and the current theme.

In 2017, to support the NASA Glenn external website presence, the NASAPress theme was developed. Further details on this effort and support may be posted here at a later date.

When should you use WordPress?

You should use it when you’re looking for a simpler, more effective way to create and maintain accessible, Section 508 compliant sites. However, it is not intended to be used as a front end to a web application.

System Requirements

The NASA Genesis Responsive theme is maintained to work on the latest version of WordPress, PHP and MySQL (or MariaDB).

Recommended User Requirements

Ideally, the recommended requirements of users who will update their sites with this system is the following:

  • Basic working knowledge of HTML
  • Working knowledge of Section 508 website accessibility requirements.
  • By the time your site launches, an account with NASA STRAW (internal only) for both the responsible NASA official (RNO) and site curator for both the required initial site approval and the annual site reviews.